How to become a great Balboa lead

Three exercises on how to become a great Balboa lead by Mia Goldsmith Halloran Full interview with Mia Goldsmith Halloran here A good place to start is by watching and really paying attention to your partner! So often I see leaders, especially in classes, looking at the ceiling or the floor or somewhere out the window while they are learning new moves. It’s the thinking look!Remember that the person attached to you is listening to the same music as you, and they can help you. Not just help you do the move, but maybe help inspire you to move...

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How to become a strong independent follower

Become a strong and independent follower – three advice from Åsa Heedman: Stick your neck out and put yourself at risk. Use your body and capture theextremes in positions. Show your personality and your phraseology. If you want your expression to be strong, you have to stop being cute. Dare to be raw and strong in your expression. Roar like a tiger, don’t be a mouse! “Puttinutt” is not for you.Don’t ”just” wait to be led. Be an active participant in creating. Try adding your own rhythms and expressions as you follow your lead. Follow without ”just following”, meaning: never try to predict...

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Three qualities that characterise ÅSA HEEDMANS’S favourite lead: 1. Steady with clear indications, no micro managing. A lead should not dictate what to do, that’s my least favorite thing. 2. Musicality is very inspiring. When leads have an ear for the music, are rhythmical and play along with the music, I like that. 3. Interact! A great lead makes me feel interesting as a follower, understands that we’re dancing together and values what we do as a team. Get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman Photo: from Harlem Festival by Imantas Cesliavičius Dela det här:Klicka för att dela på Twitter (Öppnas i...

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1. Clear references. What are your favorite expressions and who are your favorite dancers? Make sure the answers are clear to you and keep it in focus. That helps you how to express yourself. Now make it yours! 2. Simplify! The answer to everything. Especially as a lead. Don’t stress out about leading different stuff, do what you know and do it well. 3. Go all in! Put your soul into it. It sounds simple, but in fact, it’s a big challenge, something we work hard on every day in our classes. Get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman Dela det här:Klicka...

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Katja Završnik: ”He is my favorit lead”

5 favorite qualities in Katja Završnik favorite leader: staying on time is definitely one quality that makes a great leader. Also, getting to know the follower and adapt. I remember dancing with a leader once and after he lead a spin and I think I did two and he said, “Oh yeah, you are a spinner!” and he just started to play around with spins and turns. And this is great, to first acknowledge what you can and can’t dobefore starting to just execute moves. I love to play around with the action reaction idea. That’s why I appreciate leaders...

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