”That feeling is addictive”

Dancing is fundamental to Mikaela Hellsten. She can’t help it. According to science, her subcortical brain regions converse, bypass higher auditory areas, and make her shimmy whether she likes it or not. The reaction is not unique, it’s universal, but the joy and energy Mikaela injects into her dancing is specific to her. Cover photo: Eric Esquivel Latest edit: 2020.06.17 The dance scene from Hellzapoppin’is arguably the most iconic Lindy hop clip in history. Certainly thousands of dancers have been inspired by this routine. One of the latest recreations was seen at the Savoy Cup in Montpellier in 2019, with Mikaela...

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”The center has shifted to what it never was before”

The spirit of lindy hop is rooted far back, but what is it, really? Angela Andrew pins it down. She is trying to transmit everything Frankie Manning ever taught her and she sure is an explosive element on the swing dance scene; not afraid of speaking her mind or dancing up a storm. In an open-hearted interview Angela is playing up a sketch and expose her positions—letting you into the mind of a legacy holder.By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Cover photo: Adela Cremene You don’t have to be a very experienced Lindy dancer to know that a swing out...

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”I could see myself mixing potions in some castle”

Ready for breathtaking wings and fast pullbacks? Thomas Wadelton uses his feet to set up an exhilarating rhythmic tension, making interesting patterns with a melody flowing underneath. You never know what he is going to perform but if you listen carefully you will hear the story of mysterious love, a mad scientist and a brave marine biologist quietly swimming with sharks.coverphoto: Tamara Pinco Heels are drumming, arms are swinging and Thomas Wadelston’s characteristic hair bun is bouncing. It is Easter in Stockholm and the Stockholm Tap Festival in on. The cascade of taps stops as Thomas grabs the audience’s...

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“I have a talent for expressing myself and my heart is set on doing so.”

As a dancer, you know music is the key that opens a huge treasure chest, a sparkling space you can step into, and move around in. For Rikard Ekstrand, it ́s even more thanthat; it is a lifelong sixth sense. In an open-hearted interview he exposes his cognitive pathways, celebrates van Gogh and compares the Lindy hop to Coca Cola.cover photo: Manne Wahlström We meet in a café in Stockholm, Rikard orders black coffee and a coconut biscuit. He responds thoughtfully to my questions, yet it is no exaggeration to say that spontaneity and improvisation are his melodies. Just throwing...

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”It was an interesting crossover for me from punk girl to vintage gal”

She is an avatar of Balboa footwork, elegance and improvisation, continuously pushing through to new achievements — in dancing and in life. Not only that, her personality is topped by vintage clothes, a golden surname and a dive-all-in approach. But there have been struggles too. In this interview Mia Goldsmith Halloran reveals challenges and shares advice on how to live and dance without hesitation. Balboa dates back to the 1920s and it grew out of an organic evolution, neither planned nor with rigorous ballroom-style explanation. The same goes for Mia Goldsmith; she never strived to become a dancer. Sure, she liked...

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