Stressed out about track auditions? Read this

For some, auditions may cause stress, nightmares and panic. Or maybe you’re totally cool with it but dislike the level you end up in. As the oft-called-upon sorter of students, let the artist and dance teacher Mikaela Hellsten help you. She’s been head of level auditions at Herräng Dance Camp and this is her advice to all students. cover photo of American jazz singer, dancer, and bandleader Cab Calloway – I know there is sometimes this obsession over levels but if you really want to develop you need to put that energy where it belongs. I know it can sound...

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How to dress for an elegant Balboa look?

– It’s a personal thing, Mia Goldsmith Halloran says. There is not one thing or one outfit that makes you look more or less like a Balboa dancer. There is no right or wrong – just do you! But these are my favourites: Lately, I’ve just loved dancing in pants. High waisted, not too flowy and a little crop top that hits right at the top of the pants. Pop on a cute pair of heels, style your hair the way you like.I ALWAYS style my hair pushed to the left side of my face, because that way when...

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How to create a roaring party–5 essentials

What ingredients are needed to create a roaring party? Frank, lead singer of Frank Martini and his orchestra, lists all the necessities: 1.  The music. Play only real old school swing, so you don’t have to worry ’bout any untz. 2. Pick the right venue. When you walk through the doors you want to enter a ballroom from the 1920’s. A venue like the ”Hall of Mirrors at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm.  3. Let loose. That will create a permissive atmosphere for all. DecaVitas partying at Party of the Century 4. Collaborate with talented artists. At Frank Martini’s Party of the Century you can be sure to be entertained...

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Katja Završnik: ”He is my favorit lead”

5 favorite qualities in Katja Završnik favorite leader: staying on time is definitely one quality that makes a great leader. Also, getting to know the follower and adapt. I remember dancing with a leader once and after he lead a spin and I think I did two and he said, “Oh yeah, you are a spinner!” and he just started to play around with spins and turns. And this is great, to first acknowledge what you can and can’t dobefore starting to just execute moves. I love to play around with the action reaction idea. That’s why I appreciate leaders...

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