For some, auditions may cause stress, nightmares and panic. Or maybe you’re totally cool with it but dislike the level you end up in. As the oft-called-upon sorter of students, let the artist and dance teacher Mikaela Hellsten help you. She’s been head of level auditions at Herräng Dance Camp and this is her advice to all students. 
cover photo of American jazz singer, dancer, and bandleader Cab Calloway

– I know there is sometimes this obsession over levels but if you really want to develop you need to put that energy where it belongs. I know it can sound harsh, but that’s what I believe. Which level you end up in has nothing to do with who you are. It does not define you as a person, nor as a dancer. It’s just a way to split people into groups where each student can develop as much as possible. 

How can I be my best to all partners?
– Dance with the music, be present and try to create a conversation with your partner. Don’t try to perform or try to impress your partner with super fancy moves. Rock your basics and have fun! 

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Mikaela and her partner Nicolas Deniau. Photo by David Soltysik