5 favorite qualities in Katja Završnik favorite leader:

  1. staying on time is definitely one quality that makes a great leader.
  2. Also, getting to know the follower and adapt. I remember dancing with a leader once and after he lead a spin and I think I did two and he said, “Oh yeah, you are a spinner!” and he just started to play around with spins and turns. And this is great, to first acknowledge what you can and can’t dobefore starting to just execute moves.
  3. I love to play around with the action reaction idea. That’s why I appreciate leaders who use the momentum of the follower and allow new moves and shapes to happen.
  4. Leaders who know how to dance in super crowded places also have a special place in my heart. It is super fun to dance on a crowded floor if you know how to.
  5. My favorite leader makes the dance enjoyable. But there are a million ways in which to achieve that, so that’s why it’s a hard question to answer.

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