Foto: Herrang Dance Camp
Chronicle. I´m on my way home. Away from Herrang, the place that represents the beginning, my rebirth and where I return every year to shed my skin. I want to encapsulate everything that happened during the last weeks. I want to boil down the smell. Reuse all sounds and all feelings and make a soap. A soap that I can wash with every day – the rest of my life.

Heavy dark clouds are wallowing up in the sky, the rain hangs in the air. However, the light wins, shining through the heavy clouds, tickling my face and lightens up the forests rushing past me. I welcome it now. The light. The same rays have revealed it self as a disruptive spirit of nature every morning: the eye of the sun have watched my sweaty body and urged me to rest. The volume has reluctantly been turned down and my pillow got to serve its purpose. But sleep has been dreamless because who wants to lose time with slumber when life as awake is so much richer? It’s been five intense weeks with so much warmth and collective happiness that half would be enough.

In Herräng. I believe in the magic that is created there: the music that makes people wild, the dance that brings out our inner essence and takes us past everyday barriers. Solidarity beyond words. Nothing else than rhythm, movement and the magic of trinity are of importance. Our hearts follow the same rhythm in unison, and the limit of what is mine and yours is erased before the night`s first trombone. From that source, no malice will come, no hatred or no envy. Only passion, happiness and love. We are one.

I try to understand how my body, my main instrument, has been touched, so the music can continue to make sounds. From the inside and out. But it is easy to forget the chords and get led astray. It is easy to search in the wrong places. At worst, it might make me suspicious, selfish and calculating. Lonely. Therefore I need that soap. So I can lather myself with the rhythm, giving my body resonance and power to continue to shine. Drive away all darkness in the world with my own light.