Become a strong and independent follower – three advice from Åsa Heedman:

  1. Stick your neck out and put yourself at risk. Use your body and capture theextremes in positions. Show your personality and your phraseology. If you want your expression to be strong, you have to stop being cute. Dare to be raw and strong in your expression. Roar like a tiger, don’t be a mouse! “Puttinutt” is not for you.
  2. Don’t ”just” wait to be led. Be an active participant in creating. Try adding your own rhythms and expressions as you follow your lead. Follow without ”just following”, meaning: never try to predict your lead, try to complement the lead instead.
  3. Be your own instrument. Listen less to the melody and pay more attention to the rhythms. If you learn jazz music, you will understand the dance too and you’ll learn to be activated by the rhythm section.

Get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman