What ingredients are needed to create a roaring party? Frank, lead singer of Frank Martini and his orchestra, lists all the necessities:

1.  The music. Play only real old school swing, so you don’t have to worry ’bout any untz.

2. Pick the right venue. When you walk through the doors you want to enter a ballroom from the 1920’s. A venue like the ”Hall of Mirrors at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

3. Let loose. That will create a permissive atmosphere for all.

4. Collaborate with talented artists. At Frank Martini’s Party of the Century you can be sure to be entertained the whole night through, from the second you arrive till the moment leave. By us, The Orchestra, The DecaVitas and #SthlmDolls),

5. Invite dancing guests. The most important ingredient of all is: guest that keep it going the whole night!