What must I not miss at HDC?
– The meetings! They will always be a part of the backbone of HDC.  Important to understand is Herräng creates the framework in which anything can happen, but it takes people to make things happen!  You make the camp what it is, take part, donate your time or ideas and magic will happen. No two years are the same in Herrang, it evolves like everything else making expected unexpected!

You play the trombone and washboard. Were and when?
– Well, the past 5 years after the meeting we had a group that would play in
the heavens pub, but this year are new owners of the pub so well have to wait and see.
If you really want to see me play come to The Revival in Malmo in November!

If you had a magic wand, what would you give people you see social dancing in Herräng?

Social dancing is about dancing as small as possible, and watching all those around you to make sure your partner doesn’t get kicked. Thankfully, there are at least 3 area’s to dance because it can get crazy. If i had a magic wand I’d wave over the floor and put the spirit of Dawn Hampton in them as a reminder of what social dancing is.

How to handle post-Herräng depression?
– I go to Stockholm right away, to eat at Bröderna Olssons garlic and shots. Works every time!

What has the camp meant to you and your career?

It showed me that people enjoy dance as a sport with no cultural connection. That was hard to digest at first but it also showed me I have something to offer. Herrang has always had one foot planted deeply into history which is great platform for people like myself. Most events are not as concerned while others are very much attached, this depends a lot on the customer base and what the organizers want to promote.  Herrang also focuses on Stage and floor show dances, making it a very well rounded event, which needless to say is massive.

When was your first time in Herräng?

– 2000…it was an eye opener! I liked how serious the teachers were, and people trying to learn were serious too. I like going to Swedish countryside with people who enjoy jazz and dancing from around the world. Life doesn’t get much better!