It was some weeks ago but Move Your Bottom (2-5 March 2017) still make Daniel Morillo Almiralls heart and bottom beat. He is an energetic tap- and lindy dancer and travels a lot to experience weekenders and camps around Europe. This is his why you should not miss Move Your Bottom (MYB) in the Spanish town Valencia next year.
Cover photo: Sara Pista 

What makes Move Your Bottom unique?
–  From my view, MYB were so good! The fact that the venue for workshops and for the parties were close was a plus, that’s not always happening. A high percentage of participants were from Catalonia, were I am from too, and I wasn’t expecting that amount of people at the event overall! I started to travel a lot some months ago, Snowball in Stockholm 2016 was my first festival.

You are an energetic tap dancer! Did you take tap lessons during the weekend?
– They didn’t offer tap classes and I guess that’s why I just tap dance at the parties! I took intermediate-advanced level of lindy workshops.

Daniel growing at Snowball 2016. Photo: LighteXmachina

What did you learn during the weekender?
– I gained self-consciousness about different ways to do the same step in different ways or energies, depending of the music. How to be more musical with the movements. And I relearned some figures I already knew. I was not expecting to learn new material from Hector Artal and Sonia Ortega because they are my regular teachers in Barcelona! But they came with material I didn’t know!

Teachers you want to mention and praise?
– I really enjoyed Hector and Sonia by the technic, clear and quality of movement during the teacher’s cabaret. Rikard Ekstrand and Pamela Gaizutyte shocked me with their great musicality! This is my second time having Henric and Joanna Stillman in class and their way of explaining is better than I remember!

There was a festival in Valencia this weekend, Las Fallas, alongside with the event, how did you notice?
– Some people told me about fallas and mascletà but it was happening during classes so I couldn’t attend. But I knew about it because people were talking about it.

Anything “good to know” before attending Move Your Bottom 2018?
– If you go bus or metro it’s worth buying a trip ticket. 10 times cost approximately € 8, instead of travelling with single tickets € 1.5 each. Much cheaper!

Daniel Morillo Almirall with friend Monia Schietroma at Roma Shag Exchange in February 2017.

What can be improved at MYB?
– Find a bigger place! And not in tents, because you easy get cold when going from one dance floor to other. That is dangerous if you are sweaty! The floor parquet sometimes did not match perfectly and that can be dangerous too.

If you were to attend only one more swing event during 2017, which?
– By now, the one where I had more fun, Snowball!

FACTS ABOUT: Daniel Morillo Almirall
Age: 27
Home: Barcelona
Watch: Daniel tap dance here