Review: Mother City Hop, Cape Town

The weekender Mother City Hop in South Africa took place for the second time ever in March 2017. According to Peter Ståhl from Stockholm, Sweden, it was a success. This is what you need to know before next years event – and why dancing in Cape Town will bring you a new perspective. What made greatest impression during Mother City Hop (MCH) 2017? – The relaxed and friendly atmosphere amongst local dancers, visiting dancers, organizers and teachers. Also the classes in local dances Pantsula and Gumboot, teachers and students were really focused and engaged. You been before 2016, what is unique about MCH? – Yes,...

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written by: Karl Lennart Westerlund The sound of jazz is a witch’s brew of uproar and syncopation, of flaming youth and urban American street life of the seductive jazz age. The sound of jazz is a wooden rollercoaster, a King Kong aeroplane, a homeless dog, an unbaptized child and an uptown traffic jam. It’s vertical, horizontal and diagonal, it’s upside-down, inside-out and it spins round and round. It often sleeps all day and sneaks* around all night. By nature jazz likes to hold hands with diamonds and furs, but behind the scenes it fraternizes with hoodlums and thugs. Its sound...

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Review: Move Your Bottom Valencia

It was some weeks ago but Move Your Bottom (2-5 March 2017) still make Daniel Morillo Almiralls heart and bottom beat. He is an energetic tap- and lindy dancer and travels a lot to experience weekenders and camps around Europe. This is his why you should not miss Move Your Bottom (MYB) in the Spanish town Valencia next year. Cover photo: Sara Pista  What makes Move Your Bottom unique? –  From my view, MYB were so good! The fact that the venue for workshops and for the parties were close was a plus, that’s not always happening. A high percentage of participants were from...

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Review: Winter Jump in Oslo

Full of expectations Swedish swing dancer Agnes Hjelm took off to Oslo to attend Winter Jump. Four days later she left the event–still on a dance high and with new cool rhythms in her feet. Winter Jump is Norway’s largest lindy festival. It was held 23-26 Februari 2017, in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This is why you should not miss it next year. What’s your greatest impression from the weekender? – The energy of the Saturday evening. It was one of those magical nights where everything just came together beautifully to create the most amazing atmosphere: The band, The Jazzombies, was swinging hard,...

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Review: Winter Black Swing Festival

Winter Black Swing Festival was held 27-29 January 2017, in the Spanish city of Alcoy, an hour north of Alicante. Swedish Lindy dancer Jempa Wiklund Turesson is giving a report from a festive Festival. – The musicians were great. The performances were amazing and the artists magically talented. Atmosphere was growy and the city was beautiful! Music was played all around the village when I arrived and I was spontaneous invited to dance Lindy hop in the city square. When social dance was about to start on Friday night the Swing band Le Pepa Dancing came marching through the village....

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