…her last name is Mei Kertzner. ”Mei Kertzner is my last name in the USA. But in France, it is just Mei. In France, they don’t recognize your husband’s name as your family name if you get married abroad, so in France, I am still Alice Mei. Which is great! I didn’t want to change my name in the first place. So I win!”

Alice and her husband Peter ready for New Year´s ball in Stockholm 2016

…kids: ”I used to be against the idea but now I find kids really cute, I think I want kids. But it is hard because I have danced all my life and that’s what I love the most. Apparently, kids are the most amazing thing in the world, but how can I be sure?”

…parenthood and carrier: ”The Swedes are repopulating the lindy hop scene! It seems that Swedes have kids younger than the rest of the world. They manage to combine parenthood and dancing but in the rest of the world not so many pro dancers do that.”

…working with Remy: ”He is probably the best on rhythms. He is super, super clear. So if I miss half a beat, he knows. That has been really helpful and also he has exposed me to different types of rhythms that are not swing.”

…goals for 2017: ”To practice for no reason, especially solo. I think I dance better when I´m not competing. The expectation and judgment I set up for myself make it hard to find myself because I am scared to fail. I want to seek what happens if I just dance without pressure. If nothing happens that is fine too.”