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How to become a great Balboa lead

Three exercises on how to become a great Balboa lead by Mia Goldsmith Halloran Full interview with Mia Goldsmith Halloran here A good place to start is by watching and really paying attention to your partner! So often I see leaders, especially in classes, looking at the ceiling or the floor or somewhere out the window while they are learning new moves. It’s the thinking look!Remember that the person attached to you is listening to the same music as you, and they can help you. Not just help you do the move, but maybe help inspire you to move...

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How to dress for an elegant Balboa look?

– It’s a personal thing, Mia Goldsmith Halloran says. There is not one thing or one outfit that makes you look more or less like a Balboa dancer. There is no right or wrong – just do you! But these are my favourites: Lately, I’ve just loved dancing in pants. High waisted, not too flowy and a little crop top that hits right at the top of the pants. Pop on a cute pair of heels, style your hair the way you like.I ALWAYS style my hair pushed to the left side of my face, because that way when...

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”It was an interesting crossover for me from punk girl to vintage gal”

She is an avatar of Balboa footwork, elegance and improvisation, continuously pushing through to new achievements — in dancing and in life. Not only that, her personality is topped by vintage clothes, a golden surname and a dive-all-in approach. But there have been struggles too. In this interview Mia Goldsmith Halloran reveals challenges and shares advice on how to live and dance without hesitation. Balboa dates back to the 1920s and it grew out of an organic evolution, neither planned nor with rigorous ballroom-style explanation. The same goes for Mia Goldsmith; she never strived to become a dancer. Sure, she liked...

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How to create a roaring party–5 essentials

What ingredients are needed to create a roaring party? Frank, lead singer of Frank Martini and his orchestra, lists all the necessities: 1.  The music. Play only real old school swing, so you don’t have to worry ’bout any untz. 2. Pick the right venue. When you walk through the doors you want to enter a ballroom from the 1920’s. A venue like the ”Hall of Mirrors at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm.  3. Let loose. That will create a permissive atmosphere for all. DecaVitas partying at Party of the Century 4. Collaborate with talented artists. At Frank Martini’s Party of the Century you can be sure to be entertained...

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How to become a strong independent follower

Become a strong and independent follower – three advice from Åsa Heedman: Stick your neck out and put yourself at risk. Use your body and capture theextremes in positions. Show your personality and your phraseology. If you want your expression to be strong, you have to stop being cute. Dare to be raw and strong in your expression. Roar like a tiger, don’t be a mouse! “Puttinutt” is not for you.Don’t ”just” wait to be led. Be an active participant in creating. Try adding your own rhythms and expressions as you follow your lead. Follow without ”just following”, meaning: never try to predict...

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