– It’s a personal thing, Mia Goldsmith Halloran says. There is not one thing or one outfit that makes you look more or less like a Balboa dancer. There is no right or wrong – just do you! But these are my favourites:

  • Lately, I’ve just loved dancing in pants. High waisted, not too flowy and a little crop top that hits right at the top of the pants. Pop on a cute pair of heels, style your hair the way you like.
  • I ALWAYS style my hair pushed to the left side of my face, because that way when I’m in closed position, it doesn’t get messed up by hitting the leader’s face. Been doing that for years!
  • Sometimes I prefer a skirt that goes right at or below the knees, but lately, if I’m going with a dress, I’ve been preferring a shorter skirt to show off the leg movement more.
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