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Three qualities that characterise ÅSA HEEDMANS’S favourite lead: 1. Steady with clear indications, no micro managing. A lead should not dictate what to do, that’s my least favorite thing. 2. Musicality is very inspiring. When leads have an ear for the music, are rhythmical and play along with the music, I like that. 3. Interact! A great lead makes me feel interesting as a follower, understands that we’re dancing together and values what we do as a team. Get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman Photo: from Harlem Festival by Imantas...

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1. Clear references. What are your favorite expressions and who are your favorite dancers? Make sure the answers are clear to you and keep it in focus. That helps you how to express yourself. Now make it yours! 2. Simplify! The answer to everything. Especially as a lead. Don’t stress out about leading different stuff, do what you know and do it well. 3. Go all in! Put your soul into it. It sounds simple, but in fact, it’s a big challenge, something we work hard on every day in our classes. Get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel...

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Åsa Heedman: ”cute and cuddly is not for me”

Her swivels are the stuff of legends and his playful crazy-leg style is instantly recognizable. It’s time to get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman: why they’re so passionate about remaining old school, should dance like a tiger, not like a mouse.By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Photo: Imantas Cesliavičius Since 2004, the Heedman’s love and powers have brightened the Lindy hop scene. Enclosed in an electric ring of their own creation, they bring musicality and personality to the dance. When they teach, they exaggerate their movements and they master the ability to loosen the atmosphere to such an extent...

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What you should know about Shag–and why

Jenny Shirar is a dynamic dancer, teacher, competitor and performer, ercely fond of Shag, especially the version from her hometown, St. Louis. This is what she reckons everyone should know about the Shag, why you should learn it and why she loves it. – I love shag because it’s fast, highly rhythmic, and I like to move! But St. Louis shag is so much about the stories and the people who grew up in St. Louis. The stories people tell about dancing are stories of their lives, their families, their upbringings, and the history of the city. Shag has always...

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Balboa is not just one dance, but three

Balboa. To some, it means boring. To some, it means confining freedom. To some, an excuse for not being able to dance Lindy fast. To others, however, it means a dance you often taste more than you see. It means freedom by framework. And it means dancing comfortably to fast swing music all night long, all life long. by: Bobby White To me, it’s a poem. A subtle poem, one that might sit with you a while before you realize how much you like it—how well it puts a thousand possible words into one, how beautiful the white space around it...

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