Americans are people of the now, birthing new art and ideas everyday. ”We are fundamentally individualistic. We are not preservationist like our European and Asian lindy hop family.” Jamin Jackson look upon swing dancings practitioners.

– European and Asian lindy hop histories are much older than the USA and they have more sensitivity for knowing the origins of artistic moments in their unique cultures. This may be one of the reasons why Americans with brown skin don’t have swing dancing on their radar. We don’t celebrate our historic dances. In the states, we consider swing “some old dance” for everyone else it’s “American.” For example: In 100 years hip hop will probably dominate most of Asia with international teachers, weekend events, competitions and so on. The average American won’t even know what hip hop is to the world’s surprise. There are many other minor contributing factors but ultimately, proper education and a respect for our historical contributions as Americans lay at the foundation of the issue. Inadvertent ignorance to put it bluntly, says Jamin Jackson.

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