The Lindy Camp in Stockholm is coming up 5-7 may. Marriott Courtyard is the venue, just like last year. The weekender is organized by the same crew responsible for The Snowball, The Four Swedes. Are you planning on going? Read this article from last years event!
cover photo: Light eX Machina

It’s Friday night, the last in April 2016, and a full moon shines over lake Mälaren and over hotel Courtyard Marriott. I hear tones of Count Basie. The music comes from the hotel’s main conference room where a 370-square-foot hardwood floor has replaced the fitted carpets. Right now a hundred dancers are swiveling on top. The jazz tones seem to propagate through the floor and out trough the couples’ bodies. Every now and then a laughter or a shout are drowned out. The movements are intense and spins are many. Jennifer Piastro, 30 years, is one of many followers participating. Her hair is set and at times her blue dress stands like an umbrella around her waist. She is from France and arrived yesterday to participate in the weekend camp. Her smile goes from ear to ear.
– Stockholm is beautiful and the teachers are the best in the world. The way they dance are admirable, says Jennifer Piastro. She has been dancing Lindy hop for five years.

Anders Sihlborg performed at The Lindy Camp 2016. Photo: Eric Esquivel

Pekka Kallioniemi, 34, from Finland is also checked in at the hotel. He started the evening with a workshop ”vernacular jazz” with Skye Humphries.
– To be here is amazing, Swedes have a long tradition of swing dancing and are a nation of great lindy hoppers. I would say that the Swedes are world leaders.

The Lindy hop tracks at the weekender have 7 hours of classes spread over two days. Classes start on Saturday but the social dance starts on Friday.

 The Vernacular Jazz tracks have 5 hours of classes spread over three days and the first class starts on Friday evening.

The Lindy Camp is organized by Kenneth and Helena Norbelie and Marie and Hasse Mattsson, the same quartet organizing The Snowball. In the late 90’s Kenneth and Helena won the world championship of Lindy Hop. Marie and Hasse are former world champions in Boogie Woogie and Bug. All of them have day jobs but they love organizing events together.
– The Lindy Camp is smaller than The Snowball, and this format attracts. It is a contrast to all the major dance events that are available today. A third of the participants at The Lindy Camp are foreign, in total we have 16 different countries represented at Courtyard Marriott, said Hasse last year.

Marie describes the teachers at the camp by comparing them to the Hollywood stars.
– Sky and Frida are to the swing world what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are to Hollywood.

Frida and Skye, invitational Strictly Lindy competition at the Snowball 2015. Photo: Light eX Machina

Jennifer Piastro, Pekka Kallioniemi and their camp friend Victor Jouffrey, age 25, from England, smile and agrees with the Hollywood parable.

It is passed midnight and the floor is crowded. Pekka Kallioniemi needs a break.
– I was recently in Beijing and danced – at first the city was like a totally different planet to me, but when I danced, I could suddenly speak the language and I knew all the codes. That’s one of the reasons to love Lindy Hop.

MORE ABOUT THE LINDY CAMP 2017 find registration and all info here

THIS ARTICLE was originally publicized in the Swedish magazine Kungsholmen Paper 2016

CURIOSITY. The Lindy hop scene in Sweden established in the late 70s at Kungsholmen where the Lindy Camp is held. It was a hub around which a lot of Lindy were spinning. Much thanks to a group of enthusiasts who practiced in a studio on Kungsholmen. The ”Swedish Swing Society”, SSS, was established here