Describe a great lead!
– I would like to feel that my lead is dancing for his/hers own sake, rhythmic and relaxed, has fun and dares to take risks. I don’t appreciate when people push or rush the dance. Dare to take it easy! Do your thing and let me do mine. That makes it possible for us to share our movements and rhythms with each other, says Frida Segerdahl.

Tip you often share during class?
– I urge my students to find the rhythm and dancing within themselves. Following and leading are much more fun and fantastic if they are present with themselves first. After that, meeting and exploring other dancers is possible.

How to practice and develop those skills?
– Move your body in new ways. I think that helps you develop a lot. It helps you know your body and recognize different movements and rhythms better. As a Lindy dancer, it is useful to try other dances; everyone should try jazz and tap. Dare to take your body through new moves.

How do you practice that your self? 
– Right now, I’m taking classes in House, street dance. It’s challenging to do something completely new. And being a student is a lot of fun. Rhythmically, there are many similarities with swing dance and I can make use of my knowledge, but I lack the attitude! I’m not cool enough!