Photo: Magnus Hagmar
Advice by Alice Mei – a good lead is someone who:

  1. … who dances to the music.
  2. … who can make good transitions between different grooves.
  3. … who can move well on his own.
  4. … who listen to you too. “Because sometimes you just want to groove, throw something out there. Right?”
  5. … accept the fact that follows are no puppets. “I think this is the thing I struggle the most with: to find a balance between following and dancing. Not follow too much or dancing too much. I like leads that create room for my moves”
  6. … are welcoming and can have a laugh. “It has a lot to do with the leads mind, personality and security. Some leaders make me feel insecure, I feel as if they will make fun of me if I make a bad decision. Even if you are an amazing lead, why don’t just have a laugh?”

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