”I regret exposing ourselves” DecaVitas about Alive & Kicking

DecaVitas have mixed feelings about Alive & Kicking, the documentary film about swing dancing from 2017, directed/produced by Susan Glatzer. DecaVitas are portrayed in the movie and here is their story about what is what happened behind the scenes – in an excerpt from a interview made in Stockholm March 2017. By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Edited in December 2019 DecaVitas met Susan Glatzer for the first time at Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, Washington, eight years ago. With a camera in her hands, Susan asked if she could do an interview. “Of course,” DecaVitas answered! Still on a dance high, after a fantastic evening, they responded...

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Personal with Alice Mei

Ready for breathtaking spins? In an open-hearted interview Alice Mei celebrates her inspirational heroes, expose her insecurities and reveals what she would give her students if she had a magic wand–letting you into the mind of one of the best follows in modern times. edited by: Odella Schattin It´s the final days of 2016. Stockholm is dark and cold but that does not seem to worry Alice Mei. We meet in the lobby of the Clarion Hotel Sign. She rubs her eyes with the back of her hand, stifling a yawn and tells me a story from last night’s party. It was good! She has...

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Meet Lennart Westerlund

He is hosting his own talk show in Herräng. He travels the world to spread the origin of swing. He is one of the reasons why Lindy hop has such strong foothold in Sweden and other countries. He has no cellular phone and does not want one. He likes spending time alone. Meet Lennart Westerlund. Lennart Westerlund was born on the Swedish west coast and he didn´t start dancing until he moved to Stockholm in the 70s. He liked swing music but did not know anything about the origins. After a while in Sweden’s capital, he took jitterbug classes at legend Lasse Kühlers Dance School....

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5 facts about Alice Mei

…her last name is Mei Kertzner. ”Mei Kertzner is my last name in the USA. But in France, it is just Mei. In France, they don’t recognize your husband’s name as your family name if you get married abroad, so in France, I am still Alice Mei. Which is great! I didn’t want to change my name in the first place. So I win!” …kids: ”I used to be against the idea but now I find kids really cute, I think I want kids. But it is hard because I have danced all my life and that’s what I love the most....

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