Are you a great follow? 3 ways to know

To Skye Humphries a great follow is someone who… …enjoy the music. “Lindy hop is an expression of the music and what we individually hear. Even if I am dancing with a beginner, I will enjoy the dance if they are listening to the music.” …are independent in the dance. ”I love to feel that the dance is a meeting of two individuals. …have a love of movement. “It’s great to dance with someone who gets a similar thrill from moving their body across the floor.”...

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3 keys to improve your swing outs

Skye Humphries advice for better swing outs Work on your triple steps. Don’t be lazy, work your feet until you feel light on the floor. Focus on your own movement. The focal point often becomes the hands or your partner but then you stop moving your own body. Learn and love a few variations and master...

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Get your kids to love swing: 3 shortcuts

1. Hum songs to them when they are babies. 2. Cultivate their ears for higher quality music, as they get older. “Play swing music casually around the house to identity what kinds of emotional sounds your kids lean toward. My son for instance likes lower sounds such as the cello, a base, or a saxophone. I figured that out within a few months of him being born as he would hum certain songs and complete ignore others as I played them.” Jamin Jackson 3. Create good memories echoed by swing music in the background. “I started my professional swing dance training...

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Can I refuse? Yes, you can!

When is it right or wrong to say “no?” If you find it difficult to know, here’s some advice: follow your gut feeling. DecaVitas gives you the courage. Yes-mentality, that you should never to turn down a dance, is not a rule. Responsibility for good atmosphere on the dance floor is not in your hands alone. Never accept someone making you feel uncomfortable. You are not supposed to be pulled and tugged. Say “no” and end the dance right away! You go dancing to have fun – be sure to dance with people you like and say “no thanks” when you don’t want to dance...

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4 keys to better connection

”Magic occurs when you work together.” Here are DecaVitas keys to success: Listen more to your partner! Dance is a dialogue, it´s not a one-way communication. When follows and leads begin to “talk” they can create new moves. Moves that you could not do on your own. Learn what stretch and compression is all about. It is not enough to know vocabulary; you must be able to use it too! A good dance is like making out; you take turns taking the initiative and encouraging one another. Do not think. Dance! Connection is only helpful if you’re dancing. It...

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