Frank Martini and His Orchestra has gained popularity for their energetic jazz age shows. Next event – The Party of the Century – takes place 3rd of May, at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, in collaboration with the DecaVitas. Expectations are high!

Lead singer, Frank, what can we expect? 
Champagne will be flowing, everyone will be dancing in beautiful clothes, surrounded by contortionists, jugglers, acrobats and showgirls, while we, Frank Martini & His Orchestra, are backed by the DecaVitas, who takes the party to the top and beyond! This is the party you always wanted to go to and never want to leave.

Frank Martini and DecaVitas partying at Nalen Stockholm, december 2018.

Who will be there?
– We have a wide age span of guests, from 18-65. Everyone who goes to Frank Martini’s Party of the Century have this in common, their passion for the decadent luxury of the roaring Twenties, The dance styles, The swinging music, and the clothes.

Charlie DecaVitas, getting ready for the Party of the century at Grand Hôtel,  Stockholm

How do I dress?
– Dress in your finest attire and twenties style makes it even more fun. Last time, at Nalen, I’d say that approximately ninety five percent of all the visitors came in twenties-style clothes, which was amazing, and a big part of the success!

The location at Grand Hôtel, Spegelsalen, the ”Hall of Mirrors”, is a magnificent ballroom decorated in gold, white and red. Ever since the opening in 1899, it has been the scene of brilliant parties. The room has four large mirror doors on either side, beautiful ceiling paintings and two giant chandeliers with goldcoated arms. Spegelsalen is now regarded as a part of Sweden’s cultural heritage. It has no equivalent anywhere else in Sweden. How nervous are you?
– I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous, I’m just very excited and look so much forward to seeing all the beautiful guests dance the night away, at this magnificent venue.

Which song in your repertoire do you have the most personal relationship with? 
– My absolute favorite is ”Minnie the Moocher” because I think that song defines our style of music, that I call Gangsta jazz, on the spot. I really love to sing Fat’s Wallers ”Ain’t misbehavin’” since I feel his funny irony appeals to me and I’m also very fond of Mac The Knife since that was the first song that got me into singing Jazz. 

What do you get if you crossbreed Frank Sinatra, Fats Waller and Cab Calloway? The answer is: Frank Martini and His Orchestra.

What function does music have in your life?
– Music is almost everything, apart from my child and wife of course. It’s my job and main interest. I listen to and play many styles of music but nowadays I live and breathe Hot jazz.

Describe your creativity, how does it express itself?
– I’m very interested in the communication with the audience, so I express most of my creativity working on ways to make the crowd dance, sing, clap their hands and go bananas. I see it as a never ending exchange of energy and it’s so fascinating to be able to feel the energy in the room even though it’s invisible…

Who is your number one inspirational star? 
– Yet another hard question… I’d say Frank Sinatra for his authority and cool, Fats Waller for his wit and Cab Calloway for inventing Gangsta Jazz! A mix of those three would be my number one inspirational star.