On January 5th Frank Martini & His Orchestra will host and perform at The Party of the Century in Stockholm. The roaring twenties are back–and here to stay. Together with no less that 25 artists Frank and his orchestra will make the famous venue Nalen become the ballroom it used to be during the 1920’s.
guest author: Jennie Wiklund

Frank, what can we expect to experience at Nalen the 5 of January?
– When you walk through the doors you enter a ballroom in the 1920’s where champagneis flowing, everyone is dancing in beautiful clothes, surrounded by contortionists, jugglers, acrobats and showgirls while Frank Martini & His Orchestra, backed by the DecaVitas, takes the party to the top and beyond! This is the party you always wanted to go to and never want to leave, this is Frank Martini’s Party of the Century.

The Party of the Century, it´s a collaboration, right? 
– Yes, it’s a collaboration between my band and four fantastic women who share our fascination for the 1920’s. Charlie and Rebecca DecaVita are, in my opinion, Scandinavia’s no1 Charleston and Lindy Hop dancers. Lina Segelsbo manages the famous show group #SthlmDolls and Sandra Rosa Bergman, also known as Choco Canel is one of very few, and the bestswinging DJ’s in the country. We decided to put all the fantastic things from the twenties under the same roof and create the greatest party ever, and now, we’re almost there. A year ago I would never have believed that we could pull this off but now, with over 400 tickets sold, I’m sure that we will!

What do you wanna tell the audience through your music?
– The music of the swing era has far too long been treated as fine art, to be played and listened to in absolute seriousness. We put the ”roar” back in the jazz, and turned it into party music again, or as we call it, Hot Jazz!

Why did you start 1920’s style band almost a hundred years after the actual decade?
– I’ve always been fascinated by the 1920’s. The music, the clothes, prohibition, gangsters, flappers, dappers and the euphoric partying, as there was no tomorrow. But the most fascinating of it all is how much the 1920’s resembles our way of life today and my analysis of that is that’s why it’s become so trendy among all ages. Age doesn’t matter when no one’s experienced the original… On this basis, after 25 years as a rock vocalist, I decided to start the band.

Who are you and how did the band start?
– Apart from me, the band consists of Hannes Junestav, trombone, Erik Tengholm, Trumpet, Bosse Gustafsson, Saxophone, Marcus Ljunggren, Piano, Surjo Bennigh, Upright, Joakim Wingenblixt, Banjo, Linus Bladh, Drums. I, Marcus, Joakim and Linus have been playing together for years in our rock band Bad Influence. Bosse and Surjo joined us after playing at my wedding with Jump4Joy andErik and Hannes were recruited from The royal Swedish music academy where they’dquickly become young Hot Jazz and Swing icons. The band is, in my opinion, the true spirit of the roaring twenties. Elegant, exciting, a bit dangerous, but most of all, a blast of happiness!

Thank you Frank and here is my suggestion to all of you swing lovers:
Join me for this exceptional time travel to the 1920’s and let’s dance all night with Frank Martini & His Orchestra at Nalen on January 5.

/guest author Jennie Wiklund