The year of 2017 is going to be memorable to Skye Humphries. In August, he strives to win ILHC. In October, the sixth edition of Frida & Skye weekend is coming up and by November he is getting married. “It will be great!” says the coveted artist. But before thoes events he will spend five weeks at ”Paradise on earth”. 

Watching Skye on the dance floor is bliss. He is energetic and his library of movements seems inexhaustible. The first and only time I had the guts to ask Skye Humphries for a dance was at Dansbanan, Folkets Hus in Herräng. Apparently a queue of followers had asked before me and I was told to stand in line. 

Skye Humphries advice for fab swing outs

To do this interview I wait even longer. Skye is a wanted man and he travels a lot. Finally, in connection with his involvement in The Lindy Camp May 2017 he squeezes me in to his schedule. We meet at House of Shapes in Stockholm. Him and Frida Segerdal are having lunch after practice all morning. Frida is his dance partner since fifteen years. Together they have won a lot of competitions and right now they are preparing for The International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC, in August 2017. Year of 2011 Skye and Frida won the classic ILHC-division and Skye is happy to repeat that this year.
– I am happy to win, absolutely! But there is so much good dancing going on and the things people bring to that contest are great. If you don´t mind, put in a good a good word for me with the judges!

Frida & Skye weekends 2017–register now!

Photo: TamaraPinco

Skye and Frida met on the dance floor, social dancing, at a new years event in Mexico 1999/2000.
– We clicked right away. Both of us had lots of energy and we liked to jump around. Even though we came from different traditions in Lindy hop, with different ways of practicing, it was clear that we both were drawn to movements. That’s the way we connected.

When did you and Frida become dance partners?
– In my mind, since day one! says Sky and laughs his subdued, somewhat shy laugh, and briefly explains that the partnership happened organically.

What goals do you have for your dancing in the future?
– I would really love to feel like my dancing is in line with other great dancers before me. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sylvia Sykes more. We’ve talked about the people that she had the chance to dance with, not only Frankie Manning but George Lloyd. Dean Collins and Jack Carey. That is so great. I’d like to see more of a connection between what they did in the past with what I am doing today. I want to get deeper.

Skye Humphries and Sophie Wijesuriya at ILCH 2016. Watch them dance!

Are you a great follow? 3 ways to know

When not dancing, or thinking about dancing, Skye spends a lot of time reading, mostly nonfiction. Since he met his fiancée, Sophie Wijesuriya who is an English teacher, he is getting more into novels. The couple met at a swing event in London four years ago. Skye moved to the British capital in September 2016, the two got engaged earlier this year and in the end of 2017 the couple will become husband and wife.
– The wedding will be in London and we have booked Naomi’s band. It will be great!

During summer of 2017 he will spend time at Herräng Dance Camp.
– I am there for the whole five weeks of the camp and for me it’s the longest I am in one place in the whole year. It is heaven on earth.

Facts about Skye Humphries
Age: 33
Family: fiancée Sophie Wijesuriya
Getting married: Wedding in London in November.
Home: London, since September 2016.
Citizenships: American and Swedish. “My grandma was Swedish but I became a Swedish citizen by living in Malmö and Stockholm for six years as an adult.”
Hobbies: Camping and reading.
About kids: “I love kids and have lots of nieces and nephews, but I haven’t always been sure about having my own. My fiancée and I talk about it.”