Åsa Heedman: ”cute and cuddly is not for me”

Her swivels are the stuff of legends and his playful crazy-leg style is instantly recognizable. It’s time to get to know Lindy Hop powerhouses Åsa and Daniel Heedman: why they’re so passionate about remaining old school, should dance like a tiger, not like a mouse.By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Photo: Imantas Cesliavičius Since 2004, the Heedman’s love and powers have brightened the Lindy hop scene. Enclosed in an electric ring of their own creation, they bring musicality and personality to the dance. When they teach, they exaggerate their movements and they master the ability to loosen the atmosphere to such an extent...

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”I don’t dance to get people’s approval!”

He is a familiar face at camps around the world–among vernacular nerds as well as party buffs. To students he has become known as a nice guy–because of the way he introduces himself in class, but also for his effortless manner in witch he manage to embrace a wide range of genres, from hip hop to vernacular jazz, always presented with an intimate personal style. Not many people would think of him as an introvert. Well, think again! In this interview the truth is revealed, but, keep in mind: Remy Kouakou Kouame is like the Swedish summer weather, incessantly changing and full...

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“Chorus girls knew their shit”

Most regular Herräng visitors recognize Marie N’diaye as the artistic director of the Daily Meeting Chorus Line. She and her group of talented jazz dancers entertain the audience with sophisticated rhythms in sparkly costumes. Fewer people know that Marie is also a researcher with a Ph.D. in neuroimmunology. She applies this nerdy side to swing dancing too and loves to dig deep into the history of the dance. By: Sara Arvidsson Editor: Odella Schattin Cover photo: Lindsey Appolis Eight women enter the stage dressed in sequin shorts with feathers around their wrists. High kicks, fast feet and flowing arms.  They...

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”I get frustrated when students don’t try hard enough”

She is one of the most sought after followers on the dance scene and the quality of her work is reflected in her physical appearance and style—always crowned by a perfect hairdo. But make no mistake—she will not lose color at nightfall. Katja’s tale begins with an earthy penchant for animals, and contains hidden struggles and a lot of work. Along the way, she reveals the key to happiness—and to her coiffure. By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Coverphoto: Nejc Balantic Many are the followers that have tried to dissect the myth around Katja Završnik–her subtlety and finesse, her footwork...

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the characteristics you see in someone dancing, that’s what defines them as a human being

The story of Hanna and Mattias Lundmark is a Herräng fairy tale come true—how they had their first dance at Folkets hus in 1997, became partners and turned their passion for Lindy hop into a business and a mutual love—and produced hundreds of Swing Kids. Have you seen the youngsters swirling around camp? Ask for an autograph—they’re expected to be the next generation of Lindy hop stars! By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin  Hanna and Mattias’s mutual story began with a dance at Dansbanan in Herräng, 28 years ago. She was the young Herräng village girl, working in the...

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