DecaVitas have mixed feelings about Alive & Kicking, the documentary film about swing dancing from 2017, directed/produced by Susan Glatzer. DecaVitas are portrayed in the movie and here is their story about what is what happened behind the scenes – in an excerpt from a interview made in Stockholm March 2017.
By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin Edited in December 2019

Charlie and Rebecka DecaVitas are the only same sex professional swing dancers in the world and with their dynamic and unique dance style they stand out. Perhaps this is what makes DecaVitas so beloved; how they move with ferocity, feeling and willingness to throw down.

DecaVitas met Susan Glatzer for the first time at Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, Washington, eight years ago. With a camera in her hands, Susan asked if she could do an interview. “Of course,” DecaVitas answered! Still on a dance high, after a fantastic evening, they responded to Susan’s questions without filtering themselves. ”We took it as a joke; spoke deliberately bad English, mocking ourselves and were generally capricious”, says the duo.

A few years after that first interview, DecaVitas began to realize the extent of Susan’s projects.
– Susan and her assistants began to emerge where we were. With years apart, we participated in new interviews and recordings. Sometimes we did it just because we wanted to help the photo assistants, we felt sorry for them. It took a long time before we realized what the project was all about. We did not know it was going to become a movie.

Now it is too late to change anything. The picture will be broadcast all over the world April 2017. Charlie and Rebecka have already seen it and they are invited to the premiere in Los Angeles.
– In retrospect, I regret that we exposed ourselves, Charlie declares.

“Swing dancing is the pursuit of happiness!”, “It’s like having sex while you’re on amphetamines.” The last quote is Rebecka DecaVitas. But it is not real, she feel that she got persuaded to say so.
– Susan asked me comparing a great Lindy hop-dance with anything else. I jokingly said something about amphetamines and Susan asked me to repeat it in a special way. It was just plain stupidity. I am not an actor, especially not in English. And I have never taken amphetamine! During the recordings, we were asked to say certain things in certain ways, that happened a lot.

Have you spoken to Susan Glatzer about this?
– Yes absolutely! She knows that we don’t appreciate how we are portrayed and we have asked her to remove certain images. But I can hardly bother any more, because even if Susan agrees to remove a scene or an image it will not change the big picture.

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