Peter Winqvist Loggins: road map to success

He’s famous for his footwork, improvisation and individual approach. He has that Dean Collins style and can be seen not only on dance floors around the world but in fashion magazines, TV shows and music videos. He’s also known for his research on American jazz dance and the histories of American social dance. “History is like a road map to success—but only if you choose the right routes!” says Peter Winqvist Loggins and reveals where he would go if he could travel back in time. Peter Winqvist Loggins began swing dancing  in the early 1990s, in Los Angeles. He...

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Markus Rosendal–with new crazy ideas

A great party is always close at hand when Markus Rosendal is around. During week 1 of Herräng, Markus is in charge of the Midnight Ramble at Folkets Hus. ”Join a conga line, dress up for New Orleans and get your grooves on in the wee hours,” says the former Boogie Woogie champion, also known as DJ Big Papa Mac. During the day, he´ll be teaching you everything he knows. At night, get ready for some eclectic tunes! Photos: Tamara Pinco Markus was a baby when the neo-swing era was picking up, giving the international swing dance scene new...

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Meet Skye Humphries

The year of 2017 is going to be memorable to Skye Humphries. In August, he strives to win ILHC. In October, the sixth edition of Frida & Skye weekend is coming up and by November he is getting married. “It will be great!” says the coveted artist. But before thoes events he will spend five weeks at ”Paradise on earth”.  Watching Skye on the dance floor is bliss. He is energetic and his library of movements seems inexhaustible. The first and only time I had the guts to ask Skye Humphries for a dance was at Dansbanan, Folkets Hus in Herräng. Apparently a queue...

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Jamin Jackson: ”Duke Ellington is my doppelgänger”

His style has been called “Flow and Flash” and Duke Ellington is his biggest inspiration. Six years ago, the Frankie Manning Foundation made him ambassador. Folks, meet Jamin Jackson! He has choreographed, performed and instructed for two decades and just recently took a new step in his career. As an artist, entrepreneur and incomparable dancer it’s not easy to label him though people have tried. “I care only enough to keep me growing,” he replies. Text: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin At just eleven years of age, Jamin already knew what he wanted to do: he wanted to dance....

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Meet the DecaVitas

There are only two DecaVitas in the world; they are professional and beloved dancers, feminists and movie stars – featured in the Hollywood picture Alive & Kicking. We sort out why their teaching is described as a “feminist revolution,” what relationship they have to each other, and why no one can beat their connection. In this interview the duo also shares what really happened behind the scenes and why they wish they never participated in movie Alive & Kicking.  “Swing dancing is the pursuit of happiness!”, “It’s like having sex while you’re on amphetamines.” Those who’ve seen Alive and Kicking, the brand...

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