TOP-3-LIST: Best swing cities in the world

LENNART WESTERLUND´S FAVORITES Seoul, Korea Dancing Lindy hop in Seoul is completely crazy, in a good way. People let themselves go! They show a lot of feeling, sweat and passion. The attitude is reminiscent of Lindy hopers during its heyday. Close, sweaty and a freakin grove. Seoul is a home of lot of really good dancers.   Vilnius, Lithuania Good dancer, close to my home in Sweden and no fuss, no rebuke is added. Like it!   Stockholm, Sweden My hometown and where Chicago dance studio is located. Obviously you need to go...

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ALICE FAVORITE SHOES are pretty, stable and not too sticky, nor too slippery. ”I always pack a lot of shoes when I travel. It is a headache because the shoes need to match the floor, my mood, and also my clothing.” Remix. I like and wear Remix shoes a lot. www.remixvintageshoes.com you also find them at www.revival-retro.com Slide & swing are comfy, I wear them for my teaching. Even the ones with heels are comfy www.slideandswing.es Made in lindy – custom made shoes. You can choose the color, height of your heal and everything. www.made-in-lindy.myshopify.com Chloe Hong – really pretty clothes and shoes but I haven’t...

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ALICE MEI FAVORITE DRESSES… … comes from Zara. “They always have cool affordable stuff. I also like shopping in Asia, It’s the best for me because things are my size.” What kind of dress is your favorite to dance in?
 – I have no favorite style. My clothing has to match how I feel, so I always pack a lot. I don’t like to feel that I can´t dress how I feel. I don’t have a generic style, my style is all over! Sometimes eccentric, sometimes vintage and sometimes modern. Are you a shopaholic? – Yes for ­clothes! But my apartment...

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