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ALICE MEI FAVORITE DRESSES… … comes from Zara. “They always have cool affordable stuff. I also like shopping in Asia, It’s the best for me because things are my size.” What kind of dress is your favorite to dance in?
 – I have no favorite style. My clothing has to match how I feel, so I always pack a lot. I don’t like to feel that I can´t dress how I feel. I don’t have a generic style, my style is all over! Sometimes eccentric, sometimes vintage and sometimes modern. Are you a shopaholic? – Yes for ­clothes! But my apartment...

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Meet Lennart Westerlund

He is hosting his own talk show in Herräng. He travels the world to spread the origin of swing. He is one of the reasons why Lindy hop has such strong foothold in Sweden and other countries. He has no cellular phone and does not want one. He likes spending time alone. Meet Lennart Westerlund. Lennart Westerlund was born on the Swedish west coast and he didn´t start dancing until he moved to Stockholm in the 70s. He liked swing music but did not know anything about the origins. After a while in Sweden’s capital, he took jitterbug classes at legend Lasse Kühlers Dance School....

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5 facts about Alice Mei

…her last name is Mei Kertzner. ”Mei Kertzner is my last name in the USA. But in France, it is just Mei. In France, they don’t recognize your husband’s name as your family name if you get married abroad, so in France, I am still Alice Mei. Which is great! I didn’t want to change my name in the first place. So I win!” …kids: ”I used to be against the idea but now I find kids really cute, I think I want kids. But it is hard because I have danced all my life and that’s what I love the most....

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Swing Kids – Herrang Dance Camp

More than 3000 persons visited Herräng Dance Camp last summer. Approximately 120 of them were children. Did you see them perform? If you did, you should have asked any of them for an autograph – they are expected to be the next generation’s Lindy hop stars. The audience cheered when around 40 swing kids and swing teens left the stage after their final performance in Herräng last summer. The master of ceremonies, Hanna Lundmark, was encouraging the audience to be even louder and the parents were so proud they could almost burst. And they had many reasons to! The Glenn...

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The Lindy Camp – Stockholm

The Lindy Camp in Stockholm is coming up 5-7 may. Marriott Courtyard is the venue, just like last year. The weekender is organized by the same crew responsible for The Snowball, The Four Swedes. Are you planning on going? Read this article from last years event! cover photo: Light eX Machina It’s Friday night, the last in April 2016, and a full moon shines over lake Mälaren and over hotel Courtyard Marriott. I hear tones of Count Basie. The music comes from the hotel’s main conference room where a 370-square-foot hardwood floor has replaced the fitted carpets. Right now a hundred dancers are swiveling...

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