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the characteristics you see in someone dancing, that’s what defines them as a human being

The story of Hanna and Mattias Lundmark is a Herräng fairy tale come true—how they had their first dance at Folkets hus in 1997, became partners and turned their passion for Lindy hop into a business and a mutual love—and produced hundreds of Swing Kids. Have you seen the youngsters swirling around camp? Ask for an autograph—they’re expected to be the next generation of Lindy hop stars! By: Annika Munter Editor: Odella Schattin  Hanna and Mattias’s mutual story began with a dance at Dansbanan in Herräng, 28 years ago. She was the young Herräng village girl, working in the...

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Perfection can be seen in so many ways

The audience is shouting, the music is beyond fast and four feet move triple-quickly, as if animated, over the floor. The rhythms are tight and themovement raw, facial mimics amusing and joy endearing. I´m watching the show with the face of a birds cave, with my mouth wide open, thinking,: ““Who are these two?” They are Bianca Locatelli and Nils Andrén, Swedish Champions in Boogie Woogie and Lindy hop. They won the coveted titles in mid-May this year and they’ve just placed the trophy where everyone can see it in their home—it is big, shiny and well deserved. “It was...

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Smal glossary to Boogie Woogie!

Bianca Locatelli & Nils Andrén´s glossary to Boogie Woogie: Six counts = the basic step Groove = what you do when the music hits you Piano boogie = impossible not to dance Boogie to Social = Boogie Woogie is about improvisation and being social too Thrilling = when your dancing is really exciting House rent party = Edlund’s family caravan, a house party where you meet to socialize and dance Photo by Sara...

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Frida Segerdahl: A great lead is relaxed

Describe a great lead! – I would like to feel that my lead is dancing for his/hers own sake, rhythmic and relaxed, has fun and dares to take risks. I don’t appreciate when people push or rush the dance. Dare to take it easy! Do your thing and let me do mine. That makes it possible for us to share our movements and rhythms with each other, says Frida Segerdahl. Tip you often share during class? – I urge my students to find the rhythm and dancing within themselves. Following and leading are much more fun and fantastic if they are present...

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