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What you should know about Shag–and why

Jenny Shirar is a dynamic dancer, teacher, competitor and performer, ercely fond of Shag, especially the version from her hometown, St. Louis. This is what she reckons everyone should know about the Shag, why you should learn it and why she loves it. – I love shag because it’s fast, highly rhythmic, and I like to move! But St. Louis shag is so much about the stories and the people who grew up in St. Louis. The stories people tell about dancing are stories of their lives, their families, their upbringings, and the history of the city. Shag has always...

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Balboa is not just one dance, but three

Balboa. To some, it means boring. To some, it means confining freedom. To some, an excuse for not being able to dance Lindy fast. To others, however, it means a dance you often taste more than you see. It means freedom by framework. And it means dancing comfortably to fast swing music all night long, all life long. by: Bobby White To me, it’s a poem. A subtle poem, one that might sit with you a while before you realize how much you like it—how well it puts a thousand possible words into one, how beautiful the white space around it...

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Vintage and pit stops in Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm soon? Sweden’s capital, also called the Venice of the North, offers many great swing and vintage venues but also some pit stops for vintage lovers. All year around, every night of the week, there are sights to be seen.  Coffee, pastries & sweets Citykonditoriet – located in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful premises. Pastries and bread are a tasty delight. Addres: Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10. Subway: T-CentralenVetekatten – A quaint cafe serving lunch, cakes and pastries. Founded in 1928, it features many rooms and a variety of seating options, so walk around and explore! Address: Kungsgatan 55....

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On January 5th Frank Martini & His Orchestra will host and perform at The Party of the Century in Stockholm. The roaring twenties are back–and here to stay. Together with no less that 25 artists Frank and his orchestra will make the famous venue Nalen become the ballroom it used to be during the 1920’s.guest author: Jennie Wiklund Frank, what can we expect to experience at Nalen the 5 of January?– When you walk through the doors you enter a ballroom in the 1920’s where champagneis flowing, everyone is dancing in beautiful clothes, surrounded by contortionists, jugglers, acrobats and showgirls while Frank Martini...

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”I don’t dance to get people’s approval!”

He is a familiar face at camps around the world–among vernacular nerds as well as party buffs. To students he has become known as a nice guy–because of the way he introduces himself in class, but also for his effortless manner in witch he manage to embrace a wide range of genres, from hip hop to vernacular jazz, always presented with an intimate personal style. Not many people would think of him as an introvert. Well, think again! In this interview the truth is revealed, but, keep in mind: Remy Kouakou Kouame is like the Swedish summer weather, incessantly changing and full...

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