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Chicago Dance Studio – Stockholm

Wednesday night is social dance night at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm. Hornsgatan Ramblers are playing and the floor is packed. Couples move like electric whisk around each other. This is where Swedish swing enthusiasts, vintage geeks, and jazz geeks meet every Wednesday and actually every day of the week.   Chicago Swing Dance Studio opened their doors in 2004 and has become the epicenter of lindy hop and swing dance in Stockholm. Much thanks to a group of enthusiasts, with Chicago’s founder Lennart Westerlund (aka. the father of Herrängs Dance Camp), in the lead. He has devoted his life to the expression and is the reason...

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Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting Stockholm soon? Stockholm offers a lot of great swing venues, all year around, every night of the week. To avoid being astray, in search of a sensible place to do a swing out, you need steering. Here it is! It would be a great pity if you go to Venice of the North and miss something wonderful like this. Chicago – the epicenter of swing dance in Stockholm, located at Hornsgatan 75, 100 meters from Zinkensdamms subway. Run by Lindy hoppers known all over the world such as Fatima Teffahi, Lennart Westerlund and Sakarias ”Zacke” Larsson and home of...

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