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6 keys: improve your lead

Photo: Magnus Hagmar Advice by Alice Mei – a good lead is someone who: … who dances to the music. … who can make good transitions between different grooves. … who can move well on his own. … who listen to you too. “Because sometimes you just want to groove, throw something out there. Right?” … accept the fact that follows are no puppets. “I think this is the thing I struggle the most with: to find a balance between following and dancing. Not follow too much or dancing too much. I like leads that create room for my moves” … are welcoming and...

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Be a great follow–7 keys

Advice by Alice Mei Keep timing. Make sure your feet are under yourself at all times, that helps Connect your center to your hands. When you move back or forward your lead should feel it trough your hands. ”If you don’t do this it becomes hard to dance together. When you have the weight of your butt in your hand you don’t have to look so closely, you feel what happens before you even look. Listen to the music, draw inspiration from it and create rhythms. Don’t try to help the lead to make a move happen. Try not to care so much...

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ALICE FAVORITE SHOES are pretty, stable and not too sticky, nor too slippery. ”I always pack a lot of shoes when I travel. It is a headache because the shoes need to match the floor, my mood, and also my clothing.” Remix. I like and wear Remix shoes a lot. www.remixvintageshoes.com you also find them at www.revival-retro.com Slide & swing are comfy, I wear them for my teaching. Even the ones with heels are comfy www.slideandswing.es Made in lindy – custom made shoes. You can choose the color, height of your heal and everything. www.made-in-lindy.myshopify.com Chloe Hong – really pretty clothes and shoes but I haven’t...

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ALICE MEI FAVORITE DRESSES… … comes from Zara. “They always have cool affordable stuff. I also like shopping in Asia, It’s the best for me because things are my size.” What kind of dress is your favorite to dance in?
 – I have no favorite style. My clothing has to match how I feel, so I always pack a lot. I don’t like to feel that I can´t dress how I feel. I don’t have a generic style, my style is all over! Sometimes eccentric, sometimes vintage and sometimes modern. Are you a shopaholic? – Yes for ­clothes! But my apartment...

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Meet Lennart Westerlund

He is hosting his own talk show in Herräng. He travels the world to spread the origin of swing. He is one of the reasons why Lindy hop has such strong foothold in Sweden and other countries. He has no cellular phone and does not want one. He likes spending time alone. Meet Lennart Westerlund. Lennart Westerlund was born on the Swedish west coast and he didn´t start dancing until he moved to Stockholm in the 70s. He liked swing music but did not know anything about the origins. After a while in Sweden’s capital, he took jitterbug classes at legend Lasse Kühlers Dance School....

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