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Personal with Alice Mei

Ready for breathtaking spins? In an open-hearted interview Alice Mei celebrates her inspirational heroes, expose her insecurities and reveals what she would give her students if she had a magic wand–letting you into the mind of one of the best follows in modern times. edited by: Odella Schattin It´s the final days of 2016. Stockholm is dark and cold but that does not seem to worry Alice Mei. We meet in the lobby of the Clarion Hotel Sign. She rubs her eyes with the back of her hand, stifling a yawn and tells me a story from last night’s party. It was good! She has...

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Review: Winter Black Swing Festival

Winter Black Swing Festival was held 27-29 January 2017, in the Spanish city of Alcoy, an hour north of Alicante. Swedish Lindy dancer Jempa Wiklund Turesson is giving a report from a festive Festival. – The musicians were great. The performances were amazing and the artists magically talented. Atmosphere was growy and the city was beautiful! Music was played all around the village when I arrived and I was spontaneous invited to dance Lindy hop in the city square. When social dance was about to start on Friday night the Swing band Le Pepa Dancing came marching through the village....

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The Herräng soap – why you need it

Foto: Herrang Dance Camp Chronicle. I´m on my way home. Away from Herrang, the place that represents the beginning, my rebirth and where I return every year to shed my skin. I want to encapsulate everything that happened during the last weeks. I want to boil down the smell. Reuse all sounds and all feelings and make a soap. A soap that I can wash with every day – the rest of my life. Heavy dark clouds are wallowing up in the sky, the rain hangs in the air. However, the light wins, shining through the heavy clouds, tickling...

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6 keys: improve your lead

Photo: Magnus Hagmar Advice by Alice Mei – a good lead is someone who: … who dances to the music. … who can make good transitions between different grooves. … who can move well on his own. … who listen to you too. “Because sometimes you just want to groove, throw something out there. Right?” … accept the fact that follows are no puppets. “I think this is the thing I struggle the most with: to find a balance between following and dancing. Not follow too much or dancing too much. I like leads that create room for my moves” … are welcoming and...

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Be a great follow–7 keys

Advice by Alice Mei Keep timing. Make sure your feet are under yourself at all times, that helps Connect your center to your hands. When you move back or forward your lead should feel it trough your hands. ”If you don’t do this it becomes hard to dance together. When you have the weight of your butt in your hand you don’t have to look so closely, you feel what happens before you even look. Listen to the music, draw inspiration from it and create rhythms. Don’t try to help the lead to make a move happen. Try not to care so much...

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