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Can I refuse? Yes, you can!

When is it right or wrong to say “no?” If you find it difficult to know, here’s some advice: follow your gut feeling. DecaVitas gives you the courage. Yes-mentality, that you should never to turn down a dance, is not a rule. Responsibility for good atmosphere on the dance floor is not in your hands alone. Never accept someone making you feel uncomfortable. You are not supposed to be pulled and tugged. Say “no” and end the dance right away! You go dancing to have fun – be sure to dance with people you like and say “no thanks” when you don’t want to dance...

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4 keys to better connection

”Magic occurs when you work together.” Here are DecaVitas keys to success: Listen more to your partner! Dance is a dialogue, it´s not a one-way communication. When follows and leads begin to “talk” they can create new moves. Moves that you could not do on your own. Learn what stretch and compression is all about. It is not enough to know vocabulary; you must be able to use it too! A good dance is like making out; you take turns taking the initiative and encouraging one another. Do not think. Dance! Connection is only helpful if you’re dancing. It...

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TOP-3-LIST: World’s most equal swing cities

“Vintage attributes or gender are usually less important in those cities”, says DecaVitas, the only same sex professional swing dancers in the world, based in Sweden. According to the duo these are the world’s most equal swing places: San Francisco, the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. Check out this links if you want so swing out in San Francisco and the peninsula: 1 – san francisco lindy 2 – lindy list.com 3 – catscornersf.com 4 – swingornothing.com Seattle, the seaport city on the west coast of the United States. Check out this links if you want so swing out in Seattle: 1...

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TOP-3-LIST: Best swing cities in the world

LENNART WESTERLUND´S FAVORITES Seoul, Korea Dancing Lindy hop in Seoul is completely crazy, in a good way. People let themselves go! They show a lot of feeling, sweat and passion. The attitude is reminiscent of Lindy hopers during its heyday. Close, sweaty and a freakin grove. Seoul is a home of lot of really good dancers.   Vilnius, Lithuania Good dancer, close to my home in Sweden and no fuss, no rebuke is added. Like it!   Stockholm, Sweden My hometown and where Chicago dance studio is located. Obviously you need to go...

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written by: Karl Lennart Westerlund The sound of jazz is a witch’s brew of uproar and syncopation, of flaming youth and urban American street life of the seductive jazz age. The sound of jazz is a wooden rollercoaster, a King Kong aeroplane, a homeless dog, an unbaptized child and an uptown traffic jam. It’s vertical, horizontal and diagonal, it’s upside-down, inside-out and it spins round and round. It often sleeps all day and sneaks* around all night. By nature jazz likes to hold hands with diamonds and furs, but behind the scenes it fraternizes with hoodlums and thugs. Its sound...

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