“Vintage attributes or gender are usually less important in those cities”, says DecaVitas, the only same sex professional swing dancers in the world, based in Sweden. According to the duo these are the world’s most equal swing places:

San Francisco,
 the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. Check out this links if you want so swing out in San Francisco and the peninsula:
1 – san francisco lindy
2 – lindy list.com
3 – catscornersf.com
4 – swingornothing.com

Seattle, the seat of King County and equal swing dancing.

Seattle, the seaport city on the west coast of the United States. Check out this links if you want so swing out in Seattle:
1 – centuryballroom
2 – Seattle-Swing-Dance-Club
3 – savoyswing
4 – meet up swing dancing



Vancouver skyline with mountains

Vancouver, a coastal seaport city in Canada, is listed as one of the worlds most equal swing dance citys. Check this links out:

1 – vancouver swing society
2 – royal city swing
3 – ubc swing kids


Read the full interview with the DecaVitas here

DecaVitas are the only same sex professional swing dancers in the world and with their dynamic and unique dance style they stand out. They also get attention for colourful clothes, hairdos and for unexpected choreography. They reckon that fellowship between dancers would be more fun and transparent if the community was less conservative.
– It is difficult to stick to a dress code from the 1940s, affirm a yes-culture and still be equal despite gender.
– In our experience the scene in Europe, compared to the US, is boxed in and controlled; everyone expects you to dress in vintage and dance the same style. In the US, we feel there is more variety and tolerance. We want to dance in our way and not as others think we should!